The garden of L’Albarda is a model of excellence in the world of Mediterranean gardens. Created in 1990, it demonstrates the great richness of the flora that thrive in this climate. L’Albarda covers an area of 50,000 m2 and boasts more than 700 species of native plants, as well as an extensive collection of roses and palm trees.

In addition to its botanical biodiversity, L’Albarda has a formal garden, orchards and wild gardens. These recreate the ancient Renaissance gardens of Valencia which were widely influenced by Arab culture. As in Renaissance gardens, architectural features have a great importance in L’Albarda; visitors will be transported to ancient times as they wander the walkways, pergolas and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

L’Albarda belongs to FUNDEM, foundation for the conservation of Mediterranean flora and fauna. One of the purposes is to publicize FUNDEM an example of sustainable gardening, based on the use of native plants with low consumption of water and chemicals.