The Garden of l’Albarda, among the 150 most beautiful gardens in the world


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We have good news that we want to share with you!

The Jardin de l’Albarda has been included in the book “Les 150 plus beaux jardins du monde” (The 150 most beautiful gardens in the world). In this volume, published in Canada by Ulysse, a group of experts makes a tour of all the continents with the most beautiful gardens and ours is one of those selected from the European continent.

We want to THANK YOU for being part of this wonderful community that makes the Jardin de l’Albarda so special! Your support makes it possible for our garden to be recognised on an international level.

We want to celebrate this recognition by sharing more beauty with you and that is why we have decided not to raise the prices for visiting the Jardí de l’Albarda in 2024. From FUNDEM we assume the increase in costs that has occurred during this year because we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to continue enjoying this magical place.

So now you know, find a space in your calendar and get ready to continue enjoying the beauty of l’Albarda. And if you don’t know us yet, you already have an excellent excuse to do so.

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