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The Fundación Enrique Montoliu -FUNDEM- is a private, non-profit making entity created in 1996 and dedicated to the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

It has two main lines of action and both have as their objective the conservation of our natural sustainable environment, as well as making the public aware of, and involving them in,, the conservation of the natural heritage of Valencia.

The dissemination and promotion of the use of indigenous species in gardening, of special interest from an ecological point of view and the conservation of nature

In respect of the means of dissemination and promotion of the use of indigenous species in gardening, Fundem has a 50.000 m2 demonstration garden in Pedreguer, Alicante, the Mediterranean garden l’Albarda. A garden with indigenous species showing the great diversity of our flora, outstanding for its beauty in every season of the year, and managed according to the strictest sustainability criteria. It is an example to follow in the introduction or restoration of gardens, be they public or private, if we want to preserve the great biodiversity of our area and also contribute towards slowing down climatic change at a global level.
Its natural and landscape quality has been recognised with the Magíster de Paisajismo prize in 2002, awarded by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

The responsible management of land, the purchase and protection of areas of high ecological interest for their integral conservation.

With reference to the responsible management of land (purchase and protection), FUNDEM owns more than 240 hectares of land in Tinença de Benifassà, one of the areas of greatest ecological value in the Comunidad Valenciana. This was purchased in 1997 when there was nothing to protect this space. In a Resolution of the Dirección General para el Desarrollo Sostenible, of the Conselleria de Medio Ambiente , dated 14th August 1998, it was declared a hunting refuge, with the name of Estación Biológica Mas del Peraire. Subsequently, three flora microreserves were created under the project LIFE for the Conservation of Flora in the Comunidad Valenciana, and in 2005 it was declared a reserve of wild fauna. Today it forms part of the Tinença de Benifassà National Park in the Castellón province.

In addition, since 2008, with donations from members in the form of annual membership fees, Fundem has purchased land which isn’t protected but which, nevertheless, has a high natural and landscape value.

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Participating in our activities and/or collaborating with the custody entities with which FUNDEM has a collaboration agreeement.


In you are the owner of lands and/or properties with residences with a heritage value worth saving for future generations, you can collaborate by:

  • Lending them to Fundem for their conservation.
  • Lending them to Fundem for their use, always preserving the indigenous flora and fauna.
  • Through the sale/donation of the properties to secure their definitiveprotection.


To achieve the objectives of the Foundation, that is the purchase and maintenance of land of high ecological interest for its integral preservation, and the promotion and dissemination of the possibilities provided by indigenous Meditarranean flora, your collaboration by means of donations in the form of annual membership is absolutely vital.The money from these donations is used exclusively for the purchase of land.

Collaboration with Fundem enables you to:

  • Contribute to the purchase of land of high ecological value for the integral preservation and responsible management of the land through donations in the form of annual membership.
  • Visit free of charge the Jardín Mediterráneo de l’Albarda, a show garden and an example of the beauty which our rich biodiversity provides.
  • Receive discounts on those activities which incur a cost: courses, concerts, trips,…
  • Receive information on our activities by email.
  • Receive a deduction on your tax return (below)


Fill the registration form.

Domiciliación bancaria. Nº de cuenta (20 dígitos)

1. - The NIE/NIF/CIF should correspond to the applicant, and is required as proof to the Income Tax Office on Form 182 “Declaration of gifts, donations and other income received”, relating to donations received by Fundem in the previous year. In March of each year, Fundem will inform members that a certificate of accreditation is available to support the donation made in the previous year.
2. - Individuals. Declaration of tax IRPF: the said donation can give the right, within the specified legal limits, to the deduction specified in article 19.1 of Law 49/2002 dated 23rd December, and, when the applicant lives in the Comunidad Valenciana, to the regional deduction specified in article 4 of Law 13/1997 dated 23rd December which regulates the regional section of the Law of Taxes on the income of Individuals and other Taxes paid, in the edition published in article 32 of Law 11/2002 dated 23rd December, on tax measures, administravive and financial management and the organisation of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV 31/12/02 – BOE 04/02/03). Legal entities Declaration of the Societies’ Tax: the said donation can give the right, within the specified legal limits, to the deductions specified in articles 19 - 20 of Law 49/2002 dated 23rd December.
3. - In accordance with that specified in Fundamental Law 15/1999 dated 13rd December, personal details will be held on our database with the sole objective of sending out information on planned activities and the documentation created by becoming a member-collaborator and therefore will not be passed on to other external persons or entities. The Tax Office will be given the personal details required by them in the declarations that the organisation is obliged to make regarding gifts and donations received. Members-collaborators will have the right to access the information that concerns them and held on our database in order to rectify or cancel them by contacting FUNDEM (Fundación Enrique Montoliu).
4. - In subsequent years Fundem will charge the account of the applicant with the amount of the selected fee. If there are changes to the account, the member wishes to resign as a member-collaborator, etc., the applicant should inform the Foundation.

C.I.F.: G-96.555.560. Nº Registro Fundaciones: 256-V
Plaza Mariano Benlliure, 5, pta. 29. 46002 - Valencia
Teléfono y Fax: 963 523 099
E-mail: Web:


Know the different modalities and tax advantages to be Fundem’s member, supporting our program of purchasing land for its conservation.


– By donating of 50€ you really pay 2,50€ and we purchase 100m2 of land.
– By donating 75€ you really pay 3,75€ and we purchase 150m2 of land.
– By donating 150€ you really pay 7,50€ and we purchase 300m2 of land.


– By donating 50€ you really pay 12,50€ and we purchase 100m2 of land.
– By donating 75€ you really pay 18,75€ and we purchase 150m2 of land.
– By donating 150€ you really pay 37,50€ and we purchase 300m2 of land.

In adittion, collaboration with Fundem enables you to:

– Visit for free the Mediterranean Garden l’Albarda.
– Receive discounts on those activities which incur a cost: courses, concerts, trips,…

From Fundem we encourage you to collaborate with us. As you see, with a small contribution you can help a lot. Join us.

Deductions shown in the following tables are provided in the Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre, de régimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentivos fiscales al mecenazgo, for contributions of up to 150 €, with the 50% in 2015 and 75% in 2016 and 2017; as well as under the Ley 13/1997, de 23 de diciembre, por la que se regula el tramo autonómico del impuesto sobre la renta de las personas físicas y restantes tributos cedidos, with a 20% for donations for ecological purposes.