Fundem – Programme for 2017


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Events and activities:

23th to 30th January, Trip to Madeira.

5th February, Sunday. 10:30 h. Prunning cherry: La Vall de la Gallinera.

13th to 19th March, Trip to Málaga-Granada.

2th April, Sunday. 10:00 h. Trip to the lands of Fundem in Benimantell (Alicante).

30th April, Sunday 11:00 h. Spring Concert.

7th May, Sunday. 10:00 h. Trip to the lands of Fundem in Sierra de Espadán.

6th, 13th and 20th May, saturday. 9:00 h. Course about Introduction to roses breeding.

11th to 18th May, Trip to Costa Brava-Ampurdán.

21th May, Sunday. 11:00 h. Members’ Day.

May / June, Sunday. 10:00 h. Harvesting of cherries: La Vall de Gallinera. Date to be determined depending on the ripeness of cherry.

3th and 4th June, Saturday and Sunday. Spring trip: Mas del Peraire.

7th to 14th June, Trip to Londres-Bloomsbury.

1th July, Saturday. 18:00 h. Summer concert.

16th July, Sunday. 10:00 h. Trip: Valle del Río Mijares, Yátova, swim in the river .

17th September, Sunday. 11:00 h. Autumn concert.

18th to 24th September, Trip to Italia-Lagos Como.

16th to 22th October, Trip to Loire-Francia.

4th and 5th November, Saturday and Sunday. Autumn trip: Mas del Peraire.

And in the Garden of the Albarda…

– The first Saturday of each month in the afternoon will be a workshop consisting of a “Contemplative Walk” in the garden. This activity will begin on April 1.

– On the last Saturday of each month, at 11:00 h, “Open Guided Tour” will be held for everyone who wants (without need to do a group). This activity will begin on January 28.

– During the months of July and August, every Friday and Saturday from 19:00 h to 21:00 h we will offer a “Musical Sunset at l’Albarda”.


In advance, will be informed of each activity specifically. Also, if other activities not included in this calendar arise, shall be notified as far in advance as possible.

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