Sounds and Songs of the World


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On Saturday, May 27th at 7:30 p.m. will take place in the Albarda Garden the singular event “Sounds and Songs of the World” organized by Gema Rodríguez.

The event consist on a sound walk in which we would relive ancestral sounds from differents parts of the world. Through the concert among other of Tibetan bowls, gong, Tibetan bells or native flautes we could feel in first person how the sounds and vibrations that these ancestral instruments emit, harmonize us and help us to release physical, mental and emotional blocks.

FIRST PART – Sonorous Walk. A Sound Walk in which you can relive ancestral sounds from different parts of the world, in the middle of a privileged place, the Garden of the Albarda.

PART TWO – Singing Mantras. Mantra, word of Sanskrit origin, which is formed by the terms manaḥ and trāyate, which translates as mind and liberation respectively.

The activity is performed lying or sit on the lawn (you can bring towels, mats, chairs …)

Price: 10 euros

Reservation: (closing date, on 26th May at 13:00 p.m.)

Duration: approximately one and a half hours.

More info: Gema 666 99 11 55

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