Opennig of the Glass Hive


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Next Sunday 28 May is going to take place in the Albarda garden the Opennig of the Glass Hive that was built with the purpose of a didactic use, by means of which we pretend to spread the importance of the pollination and the bees vital role.

We hope to count on the presence of institutional representation of the Consellería de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente, Cambio Climático y Desarrollo Rural, as well as beekeepers associations.

– 11:00 h: Reception and welcome.
– 12:00 h: Glass Hive Opening . With the intervention of:
Casimiro Sisto Muñiz, glass hive maker.
Álvaro Server Morató, glass hive maintainer and expert beekeeper.
– 13:00 h: Refreshment.

Free entry. For organizational reasons, please confirm your assistance by e-mail: with the approximate number of people is going to come.

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